ALFID offers all services related to real estate.

Personalized services that meet the choices and intentions of its investor clients.

ALFID Group offers all services related to property management and administration for multi-residential buildings and offices. ALFID Group is the ideal partner to support you in your real estate investment and by ensuring performance matches your expectations. Services include:

• Management
• Finance and Accounting
• Human Resources
• Marketing and Communications
• Legal
• Insurance management
• Engineering
• Security
• Maintenance

Regardless of the type of property or transaction, ALFID Group systematically carries out methodical due diligence for optimal transparency and to ensure that each decision corresponds to your needs and objectives.

Moreover through established relationships with key partners, ALFID Group can assist you in obtaining financing and refinancing with the best conditions.

• Evaluation of property
• Assessment of municipal value
• Financing
• Establishment of insurance
• Negotiating with the various levels of government
• Redevelopment activitie
• Implementation of tax strategies and ownership structure
• Market analysis

With over 30 years of experience in the Quebec real estate market, ALFID Group can help you benefit from the best network of professionals in construction services, thereby allowing for the most cost-effective and efficient completion of your construction or renovation project.

• Market research
• Site selection / feasibility analysis
• Due diligence
• The acquisition of property or a simple call option
• Building project design
• Obtaining building permits, zoning amendment, permits
• Pre-leasing
• Funding
• Construction
• Marketing (rental or sale of the property in whole or in units)
• Management (when the building is kept)

With a team of over 150 specialists available 7 days a week, ALFID Group ensures flawless maintenance and cleanliness of the properties it manages.

• Cleaning
• Maintenance

Feeling safe is an essential factor contributing to a sense of comfort for anyone of us. For this reason, ALFID Group is particularly rigorous in the selection of its employees that protect your property, from the security guard to the patrol team member.

• Guarding
• Intervention

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