Group Alfid, Who we are ?


Founded in 1983 by the current President, Jean-Jacques Laurans, ALFID Group has been operating in Quebec’s property market for over 30 years.

ALFID offers a wide range of management services to multi-residential properties, office buildings, shopping centers, industrial properties and seniors living residences. Services range from buying and selling, to security and maintenance.

ALFID employs approximately 350 people across various divisions, including approximately 45 people at the company’s head office. ALFID is well equipped to act before and after a wide variety of cases in the field of management and administration of real estate investment.

ALFID now manages thousands of apartments in Montreal and its suburbs, as well as nearly 4 million square feet (400,000 m2) of offices, shops and industries.

At ALFID Group investments are managed with the highest level of professionalism, always maintaining the clients’ ultimate goals as the prime focus. Our experience and knowledge of the real estate market will ensure that you make the right investment, and at the right price.