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Maintenance is a fundamental need and is one of the foundations, for humans, to feel at ease. ALFID Maintenance Ltd. offers top quality maintenance services and takes great care in employee selection. Whether it’s for sanitary maintenance or specific maintenance, ALFID Maintenance Ltd. will ensure the cleanliness of your premises, the comfort of your employees and the sustainability of your assets.

A member in good standing of the Quebec Building Service Contractors Association (QBSCA).


« Excellence is not an act but a habit. »

This Aristotle quote has become the “ALFID standard” that inspires ALFID Maintenance Ltd.

This standard, endorsed by our entire staff, consists of a daily list of recurring tasks that our agents perform to bring a superior level of quality to meet our clients’ expectations.

With more than 200 specialists available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day throughout the province of Quebec, our maintenance service division has made its mark for the last 32 years.

ALFID Maintenance Ltd. delivers impeccable work in the maintenance and the daily cleaning of buildings. The strength of our maintenance division is day-to-day supervision, making sure the tenants of the buildings in our care get top quality service.

Several services are available, such as the following:

  • Daily maintenance of buildings or office space, commercial or industrial
  • Carpet cleaning with an extractor
  • Carpet cleaning with shampoo
  • Window cleaning (interior and exterior)
  • Chairs and furniture cleaning
  • Parking lots cleaning
  • 24-hour emergency service post-disaster (water and fire damages)
  • Construction site cleanup

ALFID Maintenance Ltd. oversees the maintenance of over 3,500,000 square feet of buildings space in the Montréal region.

Our maintenance services director has 20 years’ experience in the field. She ensures the proper functioning of the company, oversees the training of maintenance agents and the scheduling of intervention plans for the buildings managed by Group ALFID.

Several of our agents have been working for ALFID Maintenance Ltd. for many years. This is a sign of the stability of this company in the ALFID Group, and of the exceptional customer service, experience and significant skills that they provide in all their activities. Particular care is given to the appearance of our agents, a dress code strictly followed that optimizes the overall image of ALFID Maintenance Ltd.

A member in good standing of the Parity Committee for Building Services and Quebec Building Service Contractors Association (QBSCA), we are a discreet but active contributor in our industry. We ensure the proper management of the collective agreement negotiated with the “Union des employés de service,” and we are proud that our agents can work under conditions that comply with current standards.

To make sure of the proper appearance of our agents, all our agents are given a package that contains pants, shoes, sweaters, and shirts all with the logo of ALFID Maintenance Ltd. This package is renewed every six months, which is a shorter period of time than suggested in the collective agreement.