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Security is a fundamental need and is one of the foundations, for humans, to feel at ease. ALFID Security offers top quality security services and takes great care in employee selection. Whether it’s for security or patrol services, ALFID Security Ltd. will ensure the protection of your employees and assets.

ALFID Security is a member in good standing of l’Association Provinciale des Agences de Sécurité.

All our agents are permit holders of the Bureau de la sécurité privée (BSP).

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Our values at ALFID Security Ltd.

  • The respect of people and procedures. Our agents will be faced with all kinds of situations, they will have to act and react responsibly and in concordance with the mandate we have promised to fulfill.
  • Mutual trust is an essential factor for us to ensure a service that will meet the expectations of our clients, and so they can concentrate on their core businesses.

Holding a security permit since 1983, number GAR 20007245, ALFID Security oversees the security of several buildings (over 3,500,000 square feet) in the region Montréal region. More than 100 security agents are currently working for ALFID Security Ltd.

Thanks to its expertise, ALFID Securities Ltd. provides a safe environment for all tenants and building users. ALFID Security puts together fire brigades, makes sure all tenants and designated officials are informed of all updates to the prevention manual and ensures the smooth running of fire drills exercises or real situations. Training is also offered for several options such as fire alarm control panel, elevator panel, first aid care, automated external defibrillator (AED) and fire drills.

Our Operational Vice-President ensures the proper functioning of the company’s activities, the training of the agents, planning of emergency measures and fire prevention for all the buildings managed by ALFID Security Ltd. Several of our officers and agents have been working for ALFID Security Ltd. for many years. This is a sign of the stability of this company in the ALFID Group, and of the expertise, experience and significant skills that they provide in all their activities. Particular care is given to the appearance of our agents, a dress code strictly followed optimizes the overall image of ALFID Security Ltd.

A member in good standing of l’Association Provinciale des Agences de Sécurité (APAS) and in close collaboration with the Parity committee of security guards, we are a discreet but active contributor to our industry. We ensure the proper management of the collective agreement negotiated with the “Syndicat des Métallos”, and we are proud that our agents can work under conditions that comply with current standards.

All our agents hold a security permit, that we regularly update in partnership with the “Bureau de la Securité Privée” (BSP).

We recruit our agents under a threefold competency:

  • Holding a security permit
  • First Aid Training
  • Training in the use of a defibrillator

To make sure of the proper appearance of our agents, all our agents are given a package that contains pants, shoes, sweaters, and shirts all with the logo of ALFID Security Ltd. This package is renewed every six months, which is a shorter period of time than suggested in the collective agreement.