Founded in 1983 by the current President, Jean-Jacques Laurans, ALFID Group has been operating in Quebec’s property market for over 40 years.

ALFID offers a wide range of management services to multi-residential properties, office buildings, shopping centers, industrial properties and seniors living residences. Services range from buying and selling, to security and maintenance.

ALFID employs approximately 410 people across various divisions, including approximately 45 people at the company’s head office. ALFID is well equipped to act before and after a wide variety of cases in the field of management and administration of real estate investment.

ALFID now manages thousands of apartments in Montreal and its suburbs, as well as nearly 5 million square feet (500,000 m2) of offices, shops and industries.

At ALFID Group investments are managed with the highest level of professionalism, always maintaining the clients’ ultimate goals as the prime focus. Our experience and knowledge of the real estate market will ensure that you make the right investment, and at the right price.


The Alfid Group supports its private and public partners with its personalized investment services and its 360 property management.


The Alfid group wishes to become the benchmark for real estate management, to develop and implement an innovative management model both at the technological and environmental levels in order to become a leader in its market to ensure the growth and loyalty of its portfolio clients while becoming an employer of choice.


Efficiency: if success is part of our Group's DNA, efficiency is its foundation. We go beyond ourselves and work as a team to achieve exceptional results by making the best use of resources.

Trust : all of our employees trust their abilities, and are trustworthy as much for customers, suppliers, shareholders, as for themselves.

Innovation: with our knowledge and skills, we show initiative and innovate for the greatest success of our customers and the company.

Commitment: our employees and our leaders put their skills, ideas and values at the service of customer success and the Group's vision.

Success: For all members of the Alfid team, achieving common goals and accomplishing themselves is an integral part of their DNA. For its customers, the Alfid Group is a generator of real estate success.

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Property Management

ALFID Group offers all services related to property management and administration for multi-residential buildings and offices.

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Security Alfid

Feeling safe is an essential factor contributing to a sense of comfort for anyone of us. For this reason, ALFID Group is particularly rigorous in the selection of its employees that protect your property.

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Construction Alfid

With over 30 years of experience, ALFID Group can help you benefit from the best network of professionals in construction services allowing for the most cost-effective and efficient completion of your construction project.

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Real estate brokerage

Regardless of the type of property or transaction, ALFID Group systematically carries out methodical due diligence for optimal transparency and to ensure that each decision corresponds to your needs and objectives.

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Maintenance Alfid

With a team of over 150 specialists available 7 days a week, ALFID Group ensures flawless maintenance and cleanliness of the properties it manages.

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Mortgage Brokerage

The biggest chartered banks have chosen to work with Alfid Group thanks to its solid reputation acquired over the years.

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500, Place D’Armes, Suite 1500
Montréal, Québec, H2Y 2W2
Tel : (514) 282-7654


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